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Ignite Mentoring

The Progam That Equips Students To Chase


Ignite Mentoring is Saving Lives, Raising GPA's, Changing Behaviors and Instilling Vision.


Let's face it students are making decisions and choices 24/7 non stop trying to achieve their dreams and goals. The question is, "Why are they doing it alone?" 


We all know that students are making difficult choses (such as drugs, sex, alcohol, unhealthy relationship, bullying or even suidcide); choses that will affect them for the rest of their life. This is why we need people like JR Pittman who's bringing a radiacal solution to help the "masses" of students falling between the cracks.


JR has over 30 years of experience for mentoring and equipping young men and women. Whether he is speakig to 1,200 students in an assembly or 20 students in a small group setting; JR Pittman captives and powerfully connects with young people giving them innitatives for chasing their mentor. 


The answer came in the year of 2007 when JR created Ignite Mentoring. Ignite Mentoring is one of the most effective tools and yet simplistic for assisting young people in their life journey. JR Pittman believes that Ignite Mentoring is the cutting edge for rescuing a generation on a slippery slope.  


JR's Mentoring Program Does The Following: 

  1. Ignite will steer students on the right path to chase their mentors

  2. Ignite students will share with their mentor key areas for making change in thier life

  3. Ignite students will set a time & date in their written plan for accomplishing their objectives for change 

  4. Ignite students will start meeting consistantly with mentor for achieveing goals & accountability



For more information or to book JR Pittman for your school please contact the Ignite, USA office at 616-334-4909.



CONTACT JR Pittman (616) 990-4343

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Speaking Engagements



Pastor JR speaks every Sunday at Ignite Fellowship 2777 Knapp St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 

Here are just a few testimonies of people impacted by JR Pittman:


  • Dynamic. Sincere. Engaging. Compelling. These are all words that best describes JR Pittman’s

  • Powerful - Evangelistic presentations to youth and youth leaders.

  • Likable and relatable, his style of speaking is warm, humorous, and intelligent.

  • Pastor JR has “been there” and has experience with the struggles youth face. He also has a remarkable instinct for what their hearts are seeking. The combination of all of these elements create an atmosphere among youth that is honest, where inner “aha!” moments are common, which result in commitments to change; seen now among hundreds of young people in numerous gatherings. 

  • “God is reaching youth through Pastor JR.” - Paula L., West Michigan Mom


If you would like JR Pittman to speak to your group or school, you may contact him through the Ignite, USA office at 616-334-4909.


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